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Why use is a website where your workers can signup to support your events.

You enter information about your organization that you want to be available to your members. You create events and describe the event for your members, and define the positions for the event. For a sports organization, events could be meets, games, tournaments, matches, practices, or fundraising events. Positions could be coaching assistants, officials, or any job you need done.

Only the people you invite

by their email address will be allowed to access your organization and event information and you will know who has signed up. So yes, requires everyone provide email addresses, so we can protect the information about your organization and events, and provide your information only to persons with email addresses specified by your organization. For first time users, random passwords are emailed to you as a security feature, so that only a person reading your email has your privileges at is fair and easy?, well easier. is a fair way to give everyone in your organization equal opportunity to get those most desired jobs. But we understand in many cases, it is not enough to just let people signup, volunteers have to be recruited. Well, makes it easier for several people to do the recruiting without passing spreadsheets around in emails and wondering who has the current version. Everyone will be working from the same (web)page. is free,

so bring your PTA, your sports teams or leagues, and charities. We hope this helps you. Thanks for visiting.

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